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LexisNexis Content Integrated with Protecht.ERM

Is your compliance team tired of maintaining compliance and obligations registers in spreadsheets? Are they tired of trawling through email alerts from lawyers for changes to relevant legislation for your organisation?

Note: This webinar session was delivered in July 2016. For the latest Protecht.ERM and LexisNexis demo, please visit this page.

Published in June 2016: A few months ago Protecht announced an innovative collaboration agreement with LexisNexis to deliver streamlined plain English obligations directly into the Protecht.ERM platform. This service provides a complete and practical obligations register for all relevant legislation for your organisation along with suggested compliance attestation content. 

Updates and alerts are also automatically pushed through for review and consideration.

In this webinar, we demonstrate that when you have dynamic compliance content with a robust GRC management solution, you can make informed decisions about managing  obligations. This is shown in the context of Competition and Consumer law obligations and Aged Care industry obligations.

In this complimentary webinar you will be introduced to:

  • The new format of the LexisNexis obligations and compliance content.
  • The legislation and regulations covered.
  • How the content integrates to the Protecht.ERM platform.
  • Sample dashboards to monitor obligations.

About The Hosts


Myfanwy Wallwork
Executive Manager Strategic Initiatives
at LexisNexis Pacific

Executive Manager for Strategic Initiatives at LexisNexis, Myfanwy is responsible for developing innovative, commercial solutions within national and global projects, through the application of deep customer insights and working with the legal profession, peak bodies and government agencies. Myfanwyof is a dedicated advocate of the “Rule of Law”.

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David Bergmark 
Chief Executive Officer at The Protecht Group

David Bergmark consults on a variety of market and enterprise risk management issues and is actively involved in the development and implementation of Protecht's risk management software (ERM and ALM).

For more info, visit our page on Protecht.ERM for Compliance Professionals


Note: This webinar session was delivered in July 2016. For the latest Protecht.ERM and LexisNexis demo, please visit this page.

About the author

David Bergmark is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David’s vision and passion is to use technology to drive best practice risk management and embed risk management within each one of Protecht’s clients. He is the driving force behind the Protecht.ERM system and the integration of Protecht’s Software, Advisory, Training and Consulting capabilities to provide a consistent and seamless risk management experience for clients.