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Your commercial lending information in one place

Central Libraries


The central libraries allow business unit, credit analysis and categorisation of information to be structured as you require.

Forms and Registers


The dynamic form technology allows flexible design of any register to capture a borrower's company information, leads, applications and scoring models.



The compliance module generates checklists for credit analysts on key processes with automated notification, escalation and aggregation of responses.

Covenant Monitoring


Capture and monitor covenants on key loan contracts and set triggers, limits and escalation reporting.

Workflow Notifications


Trigger workflow emails and escalations to the right people and the right business units.

Why Protecht CCRM?

Flexible borrower structures

Easy view of subsidiaries, trusts and related entities.

Flexible financial statements

Design balance sheet and profit and loss structures to meet your requirement.

Ratio builder

Build any type of ratio into your application process.

Convenant monitoring

Monitor key covenants with borrowers automatically.

Credit applications centralised

All applications in a central system that are workflowed across multiple credit departments for review and approval.


Credit risk grading

Risk scoring model that can be tailored specifically for the requirements of your industry.

Portfolio monitoring

Analytics engine provides stunning visualisation of portfolio information including LVR, concentration and exposure by score.

Flexible states and workflow rules

Design your own transition states and workflow rules for the approval process.

Powerful launchpads

Design role based launchpads for key statistics/trends on approvals, actions, etc.


Fully integrated Business Intelligence tool allowing advanced analytics, dashboards and reports.


Centralise your borrower entity structure, loan approval data, financial statements analysis, credit risk grading, balance and arrears information and reporting in a single platform.

Why Protecht CCRM?

Complete service provider – end to end solution covering training, advisory services and credit risk management software.

Risk professionals support the entire project to enhance the risk framework. Partners in risk.

Improve processing and remove key person risk. 

Analytics engine delivers the right reports to all levels of management and committees.

Leading edge software and analytics – empowers super users with greater flexibility.

Simple and intuitive to use.