Keep your workforce safe

Demonstrate Compliance


Streamline and standardise your WHS management processes, improve business performance and ensure compliance with rules and laws.

Safer Workplace


Gain insights on important issues and risks across the entire organisation, linking your registers and allowing you to see trends and identify root causes.

Do Your Work Faster


Protecht.ERM comes with pre-configured registers such as employee’s right to work & qualifications, incidents & injuries and environment management. 

Mobile App


Make sure all incidents and hazards are logged, monitored and investigated by using our mobile app – incidents can be logged on-site, triggering action for investigation immediately.

Identify WHS risks and hazards immediately and understand the root causes.


Have a fluid picture of risk through aggregation of connected indicators, attestations, incidents and internal audit findings.

Incident Management

Allows quick and easy capture and notification of incidents with subsequent investigation and corrective actions. ORX reporting available.


Increase your confidence. Are the best controls in place?

Risk and Controls Self-Assessment

Protecht.ERM delivers centralised divisional and group risk assessments as well as control testing to support control effectiveness ratings.

Actions Management

Treatment plans for risk assessments, incidents and more captured in a simple action form for all users. Assignment and followup automated through email notifications.

Risk and Control Central Libraries

Consistent terminology for risks, controls and causes with our user accessible libraries.


Examples of Included Registers

Document Management
  • Document Register
  • Organisational Positions
  • Corporate Responsibilities
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Equipment
Employee Management
  • Employer Register
  • Contractor Register
  • Induction and Training Register
  • Qualification Register
  • Sign-In/Sign-Out Register
Risk Management
  • Hazard Register
  • Plant & Equipment Register
  • Maintenance Register
  • Hazardous Substances Register
  • JSW/SWMS Register

Incident and Injury Management
  • Incident Register
  • Injury Register
  • Return to Work Register


Reports and Records Management
  • KPIs Dashboard
  • Incident Dashboard
  • Hazard Dashboard
  • Compliance Register
  • Insurance
Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
  • Checklist Register
  • Audit Register
  • Hazard Dashboard
  • Actions/Tasks Register


Environmental Management
  • KPI's Environmental Aspects
  • Impact to Work Register


Create a high-quality safe work environment, improve business performance and ensure compliance with rules and laws.


Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the modules separately?
Protecht.ERM licensing is based on the number and type of named active users. All functionality is provided allowing Protecht.ERM to be configured to capture workflow and report on data, regardless of the business process.
We’re moving our data from another system. Can you help us migrate our data?

During the initial implementation, we will migrate your data. The Bulk Import and Export functionality will allow you to import data at any time from CSV format while the use of web services and APIs will allow for integration with other systems. 

We’re a small organisation, what’s your pricing structure like?

Protecht.ERM is highly scalable. We have clients with as few as 2 users through to major organisations with over 20,000 users. Annual licence fees are based on the number and type of users named and active in Protecht.ERM. 

Will this system work for us if we adopt a custom risk methodology?

Protecht.ERM is highly configurable without requiring IT resources. Data capture forms, workflow rules, reports and dashboards can be quickly and easily configured to match your risk methodology or any other business process.

What about the sovereignty and security of my data?

Your data is securely stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in your jurisdiction, Protecht is ISO 27001 certified and the security of your data is of paramount importance. 

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