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Protecht releases Information Security Risk Management solution to bolster cyber resilience.

Sydney, Australia – 19 October 2023 – In response to escalating cyber threats and information security risk, attention from Boards, and the burden of complying with regulatory standards and frameworks Protecht is delighted to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Information Security Risk Management solution.


This out-of-the-box offering is designed to empower organisations to navigate the complex landscape of information risk with confidence. Key benefits of the solution include: 

  • Centralised risk management and compliance reporting: A unified platform designed to seamlessly streamline the management of IT and cybersecurity risks and integrate it with enterprise risk management. 
  • Assess and monitor IT controls: A holistic vantage point to manage identifying, assessing and testing applicable IT controls across multiple frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST and SOC2. 
  • Enhanced compliance: A central compliance reporting library that allows you to confirm and demonstrate compliance with the global regulatory standards and industry best practices. 
  • Get up and running, fast: The off-the-shelf control libraries, registers and analytics help organisations demonstrate compliance across a range of global and industry best practices standards. 

The Information Security Risk Management solution consists of multiple components designed to address specific challenges: 

  • IT controls: Identify and document IT controls that should be applied to risks. 
  • Compliance: Demonstrate compliance with an IT control framework. 
  • Gain efficiencies: Identify common controls across frameworks to avoid duplication of work when demonstrating compliance with multiple IT control frameworks. 
  • Business engagement: Promote ownership of IT compliance and risk management tasks throughout the business. 
  • Incidents and threat events: Capture, analyse, respond, and recover from IT-related incidents. 
  • Holistic view of risk: Integrate IT risk management insights with the organisations broader enterprise risk management providing visibility to business owners, executives and the board of the total risk management environment. 
  • Policies and documents: A central hub for IT policy and document management. 
  • Security calendar: An integrated calendar ensuring timely task execution, from reviews to audits. 

The product is supported with expert input from our global cyber security lead, Michael Franklin, who has a long background in cyber security and risk governance having worked for multiple blue-chip organisations in banking, finance and tertiary education. Mike’s deep expertise helps Protecht customers to strengthen their cyber security, ISMS and third party/vendor risk management programs. 

By integrating cyber and IT with your enterprise risk management processes Protecht delivers integrated reporting which means you can review the whole portfolio of risks as well as understanding how the risk is being assessed across all your core risk processes from key risk indicators, controls assurance and incident management. 

“Protecht’s IT risk management solution provides off-the-shelf control libraries, registers and analytics to help organisations demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices, delivering visibility of your IT control framework and its effectiveness – ultimately leading to better organisational resilience,” says Protecht’s Chief Marketing Officer, Damien Stevens. 

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