Some months ago Protecht was delighted that Protecht.ERM was selected by the ATO as the ATO’s corporate-wide risk and governance system. After just a short time, under the guidance of Jodie Thomas, Executive Director, ATO Corporate and the ATO project implementation team, the ATO is already recognising some of the immense benefits that Protecht.ERM is capable of delivering.

The ATO has not only improved the risk and governance processes but has also recognised the potential of Protecht.ERM to automate processes, collect, workflow and report on data in an integrated way. 

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You can read more about Jodie’s thoughts on the implementation in a recent article published in the Australian Government Comcover Connect newsletter Issue No 4 (Click here).

Here are some of Jodie’s key insights:

  1. Technology was critical to moving from being ‘clunky’ and ‘process rich’ to contemporary and agile.

  2. ERM has allowed the ATO to implement streamlined, modern governance processes as part of its business transformation journey aimed at making the clients, the centre of everything.

  3. The Protecht.ERM technology has enabled the ATO to be more effective with the ongoing aim to see every paper-based governance function brought into Protecht.ERM.

  4. Jodie has recognised that Protecht.ERM offers much more than a traditional risk and governance system and she sees wider opportunities for process automation beyond the traditional risk and governance space.

  5. The key driver for selecting Protecht.ERM was to achieve ‘a lighter touch’ while maintaining key controls; improving governance, and providing better support for senior management. Jodie notes that one process automated in Protecht.ERM has resulted in an 80% workload reduction of what was previously a highly manual process.

  6. Data is available on a single platform and visible via real-time reporting and customised dashboards.

  7. ERM is recognised as easily reconfigured to allow modules to be easily updated as requirements change and grow.

Jodie has seen the current and potential value of implementing a system that offers so much more than traditional risk and governance solutions and brims with enthusiasm for the changes it is heralding at ATO. Read this previous article (Having an ERM has become a must).

Protecht is the leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management software to Australian federal government agencies and industry.  Protecht.ERM is IRAP Assessed to PROTECTED level and is on the approved supplier list across all Commonwealth and States. If you are interested in how we are using Protecht.ERM  to support compliance and our security processes, contact

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