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How AXA Investment mitigated risk

Case Study

Fund Manager, AXA Investment Managers previously relied on Excel spreadsheets to record and manage risk. This made it difficult to fully integrate risk management with their compliance system.

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ATO implements Protecht.ERM

ATO to harness benefits of integrated information


Previously information was garnered from a share drive and contact with central agencies. It is now locked into Protecht.ERM with variance lists quickly and easily accessible.

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Pajaros Volando - Risk Management Toyota

Toyota Case Study: When you reach critical mass

Case Study

How Toyota Financial Services Australia went from manual to auto. The compliance team was tired of their cumbersome manual process they had in the business and wanted change. Read the case study.

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A highly flexible system to customise reports

Case Study

Prudential Investment. Finding the right system that would fit an organisation framework is a difficult one. Most companies are finding it very challenging they are pressured by regulators to have a streamline treasury process.

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“Protecht has given us a system that allows us to quantify risk across the full spectrum of the game.” 


"What I like about Protecht is that you can easily customise it to suit your needs."

We were storing our information in so many different places. The huge benefit that Protecht has provided us is collecting all the data in a platform or a system where it is so easily searchable. We can easily analyse it and present it because it's all in the system.


ERPG Operations Administrator
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