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Protecht launches innovative Safety Event Management solution.

Sydney, Australia – 26 October 2023 – Protecht, a global leader in enterprise risk management solutions, is delighted to unveil its latest launch: the Safety Event Management solution.  

This out-of-the-box solution is designed to help organisations gain a comprehensive understanding of their workplace safety landscape, ensuring that safety is not just an afterthought but a core component of their broader enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy. 

The Safety Event Management solution underscores Protecht's commitment to providing a holistic view of risk. By integrating workplace safety into their ERM framework, organisations can ensure a unified and strategic approach to risk and resilience. 

Protecht’s Safety Event Management solution comprises the following elements: 

  • Safety Event Management Register: Centralised system to record, manage, and act on safety events in real-time. 
  • Workflow Rules: Streamlined processes for consistent and efficient reporting and review of safety incidents. 
  • Dashboards: 'Safety Event', 'Safety Event Incident', and 'Safety in Motion' dashboards that provide a snapshot of safety trends and metrics. 
  • Best Practices: Incorporates industry-leading practices, leveraging Protecht's extensive experience in risk management across a myriad of sectors. 

Damien Stevens, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Protecht, commented, "At Protecht, we understand that workplace safety is paramount. With the Safety Event Management solution, we aim to bridge the gap between safety and ERM, allowing organisations to manage risks holistically and drive strategic decision-making." 

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About Protecht 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in London and Los Angeles, Protecht provides complete risk solutions, including the world-class Protecht ERM enterprise risk management platform as well as training and advisory services to businesses, government organisations and regulators across the world. 

Protecht is passionate about solving the challenges customers face in managing risks. Protecht ERM provides a single, interconnected platform that produces a holistic view of risk while being simple and easy to use. Protecht has helped hundreds of organisations move away from spreadsheets and email to a more efficient and effective way to manage risk. 

Media contact 

Megan Connell, Head of Marketing, Protecht Group / +61 2 8005 1265