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Assessing Your COVID-19 Organisational Health


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It is not a time to throw away risk management thinking. It is a time to bring it into action.

As a supplement to our weekly webinar series on Applying Enterprise Risk Management Thinking to COVID-19, we've created a free sample assessment workbook to manage your COVID-19 organisational health.

The tool is only an example and not aimed at covering every matter that needs to be considered or tailored to every industry. The expectation is that it may help you to tailor a COVID-19 health check for your industry by:

  1. Tailoring the 8 example areas of focus and
  2. Tailoring the example questions for each area of focus.

Using this Assessment Tool

The assessment tool is split into 8 focus areas

  1. Employees
  2. Customers
  3. Suppliers/Third Parties
  4. Technology
  5. Strategy, Brand, Marketing
  6. Financials
  7. Compliance and Risk Management
  8. Infrastructure and Assets

Each area of focus is split into sub-categories on each individual focus page. You can use the provided example questions for each focus area as a starting point to assist you in your assessment or you can add your own set of questions.

Physical wellbeing questions for employee assessment during COVID-19Example employee assessment  questions around physical well-being during COVID-19


After you answer the sample questions, you can use the sliders on the summary pages to enable you to score your status and progress period-on-period for each focus area and for your entire COVID-19 management plan.

COVID-19-sample-assessment-tool (36)-financials-summary
COVID-19-sample-assessment-tool (50)-overall-summary


These summary pages can then be included in your board or executive reporting pack.


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About the Author

David Tattam, Director Research and Training

David Tattam
Director, Research and Training, Protecht

David Tattam is the  author of "A Short Guide to Operational Risk" and is recognised internationally as a specialist in all facets of risk management and in particular, enterprise risk management. Prior to founding Protecht in 1999, he held roles as the Head of Operations and Risk Management at two international banks, WestLB and The Industrial Bank of Japan. 

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