Five Alternatives to the Risk Assessment Matrix

Five Alternatives To The Risk Assessment Matrix ebook cover

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The two-dimensional matrix has its detractors and rightly so as like any picture or subjective assessment, it contains assumptions.

The typically 5x5 risk matrix has been a mainstay in risk reports for a long time and for good reason – it helps risk managers rate risks more
consistently and communicate rating information visually.

In this eBook, we outline what makes and breaks the traditional classic risk matrix and discuss five alternative visual representations you can explore.

What This eBook Covers

  • The Classic Matrix
  • The Bubble Chart
  • The Bar Chart
  • The Combo Chart
  • The Spider Chart
  • The Bullet Graph

About the Author


April Pethybridge

April has worked with multinational businesses in the legal, financial, retail and hospitality industries, developing business intelligence and reporting
solutions for customers. April first started contracting to Protecht in 2009 and officially joined the team as a full time staff member in 2011 as the lead Information Architect directly responsible for the team creating dashboards and reports for Protecht’s broad client base.

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing and experience in facilitating workshops, April also delivered the Protecht suite of Risk Analytics
training courses.

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